Retractable Glycol Spray Nozzle

Retractable Glycol spray nozzles are available for improved ethylene glycol hydrate prevention,

This Retractable Glycol Injection Spray Nozzle offers gas processing plants, compressor stations, and pipline operators an eacy way to change chemical injection spray nozzles. If virtually eliminates down time due to spray nozzle size changes,

The standard model unit manufactured with a stainless steel tube and stem, and forged steel fitting connections and bonnet. The stinger tube length can be manufactured to the customers requirements, This unit can be used to inject glycol for gas dehydration, nitorgen injection for stream BTU Stabilization, methanol injections for hydrate protection in processing plant equipment, chemical injection of corrosion inhibitors in pipeline, or used ofr taking midstream test samples. A coupon attachment is also available to provide an inexpensive operation to install and remove corrosion coupons.